Andrew Rossi's Ivory Tower features Deep Springs College (and my teaching)

Filmmaker Andrew Rossi's new documentary on the escalating costs of college and student debt features Deep Springs College as well as my teaching, depicting the education at Deep Springs as a hopeful alternative to destructive trends in mainstream higher education. I was fortunate to see the West Coast premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival two weeks ago and I recommend the film to anyone and everyone interested in thinking about the current landscape of higher education. (For more information on the film and the discussion around the cost of college and student debt, see the Ivory Tower website.)

The shots of my course at Deep Springs come from a seminar I taught during Spring 2013 called "Freedom and the State." (The syllabus is available here.) Viewers will witness a few snippets of a much longer discussion on the penultimate sections of Hegel's Philosophy of Right. I'd love to hear what you think!

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