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Tenure, ACLS, Herodotus in the Anthropocene

As I step into my sabbatical, I want to pause to share good news from the previous year. I received tenure! In December 2018, the President called me to relay the exciting news; the Board of Trustees approved the President's recommendation in February 2019. I became an Associate Professor in September 2019. I'm delighted to deepen my commitment to Bryn Mawr, liberal arts education, and political theory. Not long after receiving tenure, I won an ACLS Fellowship! This fellowship (from the American Council of Learned Societies ) supports my new inquiry into refusal. Refusal has become a keyword in contemporary movements including Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and Idle No More. I'm exploring how the philosophical asceticism developed by Cynics, Stoics, and Epicureans in antiquity can inform a broader politics of refusal today. Focusing on reshaping the bodies and souls of participants toward more abundant life, philosophical asceticism links ethical concerns with the self t