Tri-Co Political Theory Workshop


The Tri-Co Political Theory Workshop is a faculty forum to discuss new work in all types of political theory, political philosophy and related fields in the humanities and social sciences. The workshop combines faculty and resources from Haverford, Swarthmore and Bryn Mawr, as well as other faculty in colleges and universities in the wider Philadelphia region, to create a thriving venue for developing new research. The workshop’s long-term goal is to strengthen the political theory community in the Tri-College consortium, and to foster high-quality scholarship that has an impact well beyond it.

The Workshop meets on selected Tuesdays and Thursdays during the semester (generally every other week). Papers are distributed in advance and participants are expected to come prepared to discuss them.

The workshop is organized by Paulina Ochoa Espejo (Haverford) and Joel Alden Schlosser (Bryn Mawr). Please email one of us to join our mailing list.

Our work is sponsored by a Mellon Tri-College FacultyForum Program.

2017 - 2018 Schedule

September 21: Vincent Lloyd, Villanova (Villanova University)

October 13: Book Manuscript Workshop for Joel Alden Schlosser (Bryn Mawr College) with Rosaria Munson (Swarthmore), Alex Gottesman (Temple), Jeffrey Green (Penn), and Melissa Lane (Princeton)

October 30: Bonnie Honig (Brown University), the Bryn Mawr College Flexner Lecturer

November 6: Honig, Flexner Lecture II

November 13: Honig, Flexner Lecture III

December 5: Jonny Thakkar, Swarthmore (Swarthmore College)

February 1: Ali Aslam (Mount Holyoke College)

February 13: Craig Borowiak (Haverford College)

March 8: Shatema Threadcraft (Princeton IAS / Dartmouth College)

March 20: Tom Donahue (Haverford College)

April 3: Jeremy Arnold (National University of Singapore)

April 17: Luke MacInnis (Columbia University)

2016 - 2017 Schedule

September 20: Danielle Hanley, University of Pennsylvania

October 4: Stuart Murray, Carleton University

October 18: Jeanne Morefield, Whitman College

November 1:  Joshua Simon, Columbia University

November 15:  Loren Goldman, University of Pennsylvania

December 6: Loubna El Amine, Northwestern University

February 2: Antonio Vazquez Arroyo, Rutgers University

February 14: Molly Farneth, Haverford College

February 28: Jenni Forestal, Stockton University

March 23: Elizabeth Cohen, Syracuse University

April 4:  Osman Balkan, Swarthmore College

All workshops will begin at 4:30 pm and run until roughly 6:15 pm. For those new to the workshop, papers will be circulated at least one week before our meeting. Workshop participants should read the paper and come ready to discuss. Presenters will begin with a few remarks at the beginning of the meeting but we try to reserve the vast majority of our time for discussion.

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